Common Questions

Do You Have Therapy Questions?

Our therapy works, and we want to be sure that
you are completely comfortable with the whole process.

How Does Acoustic Sound Wave Technology Work? There are numerous medical research studies done with the participation of thousands of men all over the world. Acoustic Sound Wave Therapy can safely reverse episodes of erectile dysfunction in most men. This proven, non-invasive, affordable solution with help you regain function.

What Will Happen At My Initial Appointment?  Your confidential and private appointment will be in our consultation room with no waiting so that you experience the comfort you expect from our clinic. You will meet directly with our medical team to discuss your medical history, your issues, and the perfect therapy options that are specifically developed with your needs in mind.

What Really Causes Erectile Dysfunction?  Each man with ED experiences different effects, and the condition can be brought on by many different factors, and some can highlight underlying health issues. Our medical staff works to approach your sexual health using an overall perspective of your health. Common causes of erectile dysfunction include stress and/or anxiety, use of alcohol or tobacco, low testosterone, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, or obesity.

What Is It Like to Experience Acoustic Sound Wave Therapy Treatment?  Acoustic sound waves are low-intensity and can eliminate the plaque within the artery walls promoting better blood flow while regenerating blood vessels. This technology works to increase blood flow to the penis, and with effective supplements, testosterone will naturally increase which will give you more drive.  After your appointments you will see the difference in a good way. Many patients improve with just a few visits!