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Are you experiencing problems with:

  • Do you have problems getting or keeping an erection? 
  • Are you losing your sexual drive to set the mood? 
  • Lack of energy, mood swings, or depression?

We have a solution for you:

  • Get a discrete appointment to begin seeing improvement within the first few visits to our office
  • Our therapies address all aspects of erectile dysfunction
  • Get your confidence back so that you can have normal intimate experiences

All of our consultations are completely confidential and discreet.
We value your privacy and comfort and you are our main priority. 

Premature Ejaculation

We work with you to create a personalized care plan that will help you to maintain longer lasting erections to heighten the sexual experience for you and your partner. 

Erectile Dysfunction

Prescription drugs and supplements are often ineffective solutions with dangerous side effects. They are not realistic, long-term solutions. We have technology that can help with erectile dysfunction to provide that long term solution you need. 

Peyronie's Disease

Our non-invasive therapies can help with Peyronie’s disease to restore better erections so that you can enjoy intercourse and be ready when things get intimate between you and your partner.

Our Major Industry Treatment

The GAINSWave™ therapy uses acoustic sound waves to remove the plaque on the artery walls and to promote new blood vessel growth, improving penis blood flow. 

This sound wave technology activates growth for new nerve tissue so you will gain more arousal and sensations the natural way. It also increases your testosterone levels and using supplements to give you more drive. 

Acoustic Sound Wave Therapy is a proven treatment to reverse erectile dysfunction safely in 91% of men. Get your effective and affordable non-invasive solution today.
Dr. Chidi Uche

Our Doctor

Dr. Chidi Uche is an experienced US and British Board-Certified
Physician who specializes in Family Medicine and Urgent Care

Dr. Uche has over 20 years’ experience in medicine and has
gained a plethora of experience including international and
marine medicine throughout his career.

Dr. Uche served as the onboard medical director for a popular
cruise line. This position enabled him to refine his critical thinking
skills. Dr. Uche has compassion and a plethora of knowledge
which are key elements in a practice. Even in today’s
ever-changing healthcare industry, Dr. Uche takes the stance
that “The patient’s needs are priority and above anything else.”

Dr. Chidi Uche
Founder of Omega Men’s Clinic

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